Safety in Surroundings.

I was just pondering a few thoughts as I was reading for my theology class. It really was an epiphany. Generally, I think Christian’s subconsciously and for that matter consciously make an effort to surround themselves soley with exclusively “Christian” ideas, places, friends, and music in order to feel safe. Now I am not going as far to say that I myself never do this, because as I already mentioned, we do accidentally, but at the same time, we are continually taught to pursue all that is Godly. But the question so much isn’t what is necessarily Godly, but what isn’t Godly. I think we have an embedded theolgy that teaches the further we distance ourselves from sin, the more righteous and pure we become. I really think God is all around us (Ephesians 4:4-6) and His spirit is evident as long as we are mindful of taking the time to see and/or find God. So, I’m not proposing we abuse our grace and advise we rent the nastiest movies or listen to the nastiest music. But as I have been thinking lately and have experienced, I want to encourage you to look for God in the most unlikely places. Then again, where did Jesus spend most of his time… in places many people thought were God-forsaken. Maybe the point of Christianity is not to distance ourselves from sin in order to feel safe, but to rather focus on a relationship with Jesus that transcends sin.


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