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All of you out there need to check out my Yahoo Photo Album link that is to the right of this entry. The pictures are of “okay” quality. But regardless, you should get a handle on where I live. I really do promise this weekend to blog about my time spent so far here at Focus. Also, I plan to give greater detail to the failure of New Life Church and post a piece on J.P. Morelands, “Love God with All Your Mind.” You should all definitely check this book out. Anyway, until then…


Oh yeah, check out the debate going on at (I also have this linked to the right also). I would like to make a disclaimer: The Links on my blog are blogs that I may or may not agree with. Above all, I find them relevant to the church today. And to further the point about linked blogs, for those out there that think the church should not be culturally relevant, I believe it would be a major disservice if Christians were not culturally sensitive (as many upcoming ministers unfortunately are). Our Christian colleges and seminaries should start classes on postmodernism and other culture issues that ministers and pastors should be aware of.


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