Don’t be afraid.

Soon to be released is “The Davinci Code” starring movie guru Tom Hanks. Already, within the ranks of conservative Christianity there has been an uproar of this heresy foretold in websites, blogs, and podcasts. Because of Christans propensity to issue a boycott over certain issues, the company producing the Davinci Code (Whom I believe is Disney) has already come out with a feature to compensate and possibly hold off on a boycott. Disney has built a website called “The Davinci Challenge” in order for the Christian community to dialogue on the issue of Biblical authoriety, inspiration, infallibility, and canonization. On a positive note, the website is very well designed and consults the like of very noteable scholars such as Charles Colson, Ben Witherington, Lee Strobel, and other well-known evangelicals. I would really encourage all Christians to visit this site to participate in the dialogue surrounding this movie. And I also offer more advice as the time comes for this movie’s release: I am aware that this movie is going to ask hard questions, provoke doubt, and undermine what Christianity has done to solidify itself in the likes of logical and rational worldviews. But remember, this movie is NOT going to destroy Christianity. Brilliant philosophers, empiricists, agnostics, and atheists have all tried to destroy Christianity, and guess what, they all failed. I would encourage all of you out there to remember that our faith runs deeper than Hollywood cinema (not to mention that Hollywood has their own agenda). I am posting a link to the site.

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