Praxis. Lent. International Anglican Church.Tribute.

Greetings to all,

For this blog, I am going to try less to make a stance on an issue and rather just explain about what is going on in life. First off, last week was simply phenomenal to say the least, from the reading, to the class lectures, I really believe I matured quite heavily in the faith. If I could give last week a theme, I would call it, “Awareness of oppression, Listening to the Spirit, Casting Aside.” Now, I have neither the patience nor the time to give full explanation of these themes, but let me say this: evangelicals, I believe, at large, simply brush aside demonic oppression. For sometime, I feel we have left this branch of the faith simply up to the pentecostals or the fundamentals. I now believe much differently. In Roc’s class, and from the reading the night before, I became enthralled with the way that Satan attacks us in seemingly obvious and emotional ways. Too often, we simply ignore these attacks as simple emotional or psychological fits. I believe that this is a great help to the enemy, that is, to undermine his work and to lessen our belief in such situations. Anyway, I have become aware of both my psychological failures and also the way the Enemy attacks. On a postive note, I had the opportunity to meet with Roc on Friday. It was simply unbelieveable. He has had the reputation of being rather prophetic, and in pretty blunt terms said this, “Yeah, I think you need to head to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, get an M.Div, and get in the church.” Oddly, without revealing specifics (though I did list the seminaries I was considering and certain passions that I feel the Lord has given me), he nailed what I feel the Lord leading towards in ministry.

Secondly, I would ask all of you out there that read this blog to pray for my fiance’ Christian. She is taking her Praxis exam on Saturday. For those not familiar, the praxis is the test that elementary education majors take in order to be certified and liscensed to student teach, and later teach professionally.

Third, my good friend Mike Kasprzyk and I are going to be participating in Lent, so the next two days, Mike and I are going to be praying about what we can give over to the Lord for the next 40 days. We will converge on Tuesday night with our felt convictions toward sacrifice, and from that point on, help keep each other accountable during the 40 days.

Fourth. Today I went to the International Anglican Church here in Springs. Behind Mars Hill and my own home church, it was one of the most wonderul experiences of my Christian Church experience. An experience of liturgy, praise and worship, and evangelicalism. There are many more details I could share, but for now, I will be brief.

Fifth, a tribute to John Hume, who after ten years at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Jacksonville, IL goes on Sabbatical starting March 1. John, for all you do, for who you are to everybody, you deserve your sabbatical. May it be a time of relaxation, reflection, spiritual renewal, and family unity. Blessings my friend, blessings.


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