Well, second semester has begun and I plan to blog on that by tonight, but for right now, I just finished reading the introducton to my Hermeneutics book and I am impressed to say at first because of their presuppositions to the Bible. As you may know, one of the greatest difficulties and questions I have about my faith is the Bible. I know right now I could probably have 75 questions about the Bible that I know there is no definite answer to. But anyway, after being emerged in a dialogue pertaining to the Bible as being first and foremost a “narrative,” I have found a new love for the Bible that breaks tradition with a fundamentalist perspective while at the same time still finds a grounding in infallibillity, inerrancy, inspirataion, and authority. Honestly, I hate using these terms because they presuppose what the Bible already is. We really do not need to use them because they already describe what the Bible to be and essentially is! For example, we know that truth is from God, so we do not need to qualify truth as “absolute truth.” Jesus did not say that, “I am the way, the absolute truth, and life.” I also dislke using these terms because of the political attachments tied to them and also how the Bible in the past has been used to subjugate tyranny and oppression. I would like to qoute what the authors of my hermeneutics book had to say,

“Admittedly, it can be daunting to face a voluminous Bible full of alien genealogies, barbaric practices, strange prophecies, and eccentric epistles. It would be so much simpler if the “experts” would simply assemble God’s instructions for us in a nice systematic list. But God himself did not provide a mere list of principles and practices. Dare we reduce the Bible to such a level? However much we might prefer that God’s revelation come in different form, we bow to his wisdom in giving us the Bible as it stands. We are convinced that when we understand that nature of the Bible and what God has done providing it, we will see that it cannot be reduced to a list of beliefs to espouse, attitudes to adopt, actions to pursue, nor the corresponding opposites to avoid. In his wisdom, God has given his people the kind of revelation he decided would be best for us. Our task is to understand and respond to what God has communicated in ways that demonstrate our obedience and faithfullness to that revelation. We have to come to terms with Bible as it is. And that is precisely what we intend to the help the reader accomplish.”


2 Responses to “Hermeneutics”

  1. 1 matt creathhttp://www.xanga.com/matthewcreath August 20, 2006 at 6:50 pm

    yeah, i see your point. but i think maybe first of all that we have to think of many of the writings in the bible as recordings…such as the gospels: it is not as if luke or matthew, etc, had a tape recorder and is writing down the recording. it is more a record of the stories that seems most benefical, through God’s inspiration.
    also, in this type of book, their goal is to teach you HOW to study the bible, and not come to it naively. There is a delicate balance between using the “God will speak to me and teach what the bible means” and actually using the head/brain God gave you to learn it. I think the two go hand in hand. However, more times than not, when people approach the bible naively, they prostitute the Word of God, misapplying it, just because it says something in “The Message” or something of equal to that.

    Ok, enough rambling. you need to call me punk. peace.

  2. 2 Mikehttp://www.fool.com August 22, 2006 at 6:17 pm


    I hope that book helps you figure out how to stop liking men…. JK, I just got back from my trip and was checking out the blog. I will give you a call tonight.


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