THE 3023: The Baptist Denomination

This semester I enrolled in probably the most unappreciated class that the theology department offers. I would like to also say that I am taking this class out necessity because all Church Related Vocation Scholarship recepients must take it. From my first day of school, I had heard that “Demon (read: denom),” as some witty students have called it, is probably the most rediculous class offered. Well, I promised myself that I would try to garner up a positive attitude and keep the cynicism to a minimum. If you didn’t know, most Baptists in Redford are very fond of chiding Baptists as a whole. So, here I am. Week 4. We have a test on Friday that I am NOT looking forward too. Honestly, I have enjoyed bits and pieces of the class. The homework is absolutely rediculous (70+ pages of tedious history), but the lectures are somewhat informative. Anyway, on a scale of compatibility with myself and Baptist Denom, I would rank our relationship a 5.5 on a 10.0 scale. It has been interesting to finally learn the core tenants of Baptist history. As expected, Baptist of today are not very different at all from the Baptists of 1650-1780. Anyway, I want to leave you with a qoute about the inadequacy of everything compared with knowing Jesus personally.

“Tho I understood Latin and Greek, Philosophy, Logick and Rhetoric, etc., yet before conversion I was as ignorant of Christ as a wild Ass’ Colt.
-Hercules Collins, Baptist Pastor in the 1700’s.


1 Response to “THE 3023: The Baptist Denomination”

  1. 1 matt creath September 12, 2006 at 10:56 pm

    get ready for that type of workload in every class at seminary, man. oh yeah, it’s wonderful! 🙂

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