Young, Restless, and Reformed

Young, Restless, and Reformed

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Christianity today has jus released an article about the resurgence of Reformed theology (aka “Calvinism”) amongst younger evangelicals, typically those in their 20’s and 30’s. However you may feel about this issue, I sympathize with you because throughout Christian history, there has never been such an issue that brings up such vitriolic accusations and arguments. Regardless of your opinion, there is one point to aknowledge positivley in regards to this resurgence: it’s a reactionionary approach to the modern’s church failure to teach doctrine; and for this, we must aknowledge the Reformed approach for clarity. In Redford (my theology school), there seems to be a new resurgence of it despite the fact that most professors are non-Calvinist or indifferent to the topic. I would put myself somewhere in the field of a moderate Calvinist, mostly because Calvinists have been plagued as arrogant, pontificaters, and what I affectionately refer to my own extreme Calvinist friends as “Calvinazis.” Anyway, this article is fantastic and reveals what I believe to be a great swing in Christian maturity.


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