Reyes, Chuck Norris, and Jesus Christ (The Lamb)…how are they connected?

Tonight, theological chaos broke loose on national television. In fact, with the prophetic utterings of Baseball commentators, I believe any theological speculation can now end and result in bedrock certainity as was demonstrated tonight. The commentators were able to correlate sacrifice and kickin some butt all in one theological system. Alright, during tonights game, I hope all of you were perceptive enough to see how the commentators (Joe Buck and Tim McCarver) addressed or “labeled” Anthony Reyes. First off, they addressed him as a “sacrificial lamb merely occupying the pitching mound.” Then, later on during the postgame analysis on ESPN, one of the commentators said he pitched like Chuck Norris. Hmm. These are two very interesting comparisons. Is the lamb to represent Jesus Christ in some manner? Because if it does, then following that line of logic would deduce someone to acknowledge that Jesus Christ (the Lamb) has the same characteristics of Chuck Norris. During the game, he was the lamb, after the game he was Chuck Norris. Is this not metaphorical or analogical to our Savior? While on earth, Christ represented meekness embodied in humility and sacrifice. Post-resurrection, Jesus can now kick some butt in Rev. 19 as Chuck Norris while on Earth. Needless to say, Jesus trumps any comparison with Chuck Norris, because after many failed attempts, Chuck Norris was never able to resurrect his career. Thus, going to show that Jesus Christ once and for all is the winner, even over Chuck Norris.


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