Taking a break for November

I have decided to take a break or perhaps a fast from my blog for the month of November for several reasons:

1) I feel as though I need to take the time I dedicate to blogging and apply it to my personal devotion time. I have this subtle hint that Novemebr is going to a rather important month as it relates to my spiritual formation.

2) The Cardinals have won the World Series which completes the need to post on any complaints about Kenny Rogers (that is for John Hume).

3) I have an incredibly busy November ahead of me: two 15+ pg. papers are due, 2 class presentations, tests, etc.

4)I should really start focusing on the marriage details that need to be me made.

I have started Dr. Greg Boyd’s book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation” and it surely a book that is going to prove foundational to my core theology as an individual. I am only 50+ pages into it and have already found myself captivated and inspired. One qoute to think about from the book, “Kindom-of-the-world-people care about what people do whereas Kingdom-of-God-people care about who people are and their potential to become.” Last nite, as I read, I almost came to tears with the vision and beauty of Jesus’ seemingly irrational kingdom which urges me to sacrifice and contemplation.

Anyway, until Dec. 1, goodbye! For some good reads, please consult my links. Perhaps even dedicate yourself to particular blog for the month of November (then you might see how bad mine actually is).

Till then,


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