Week 2: Complete.

Fuge has been a great experience so far. Actually experiencing ministry and taking other’s burdens (junk) upon myself is the business I am in for the summer and I can say without any hesitation that I am finding purpose, fulfillment, calling, and direction like no other before. We work 18 hour days that are not worth the money we get paid, but then again, I don’t think I am here for the money. It’s odd how you learn the best when you are thrown into the middle of 9th and 10th graders lives making yourself vulnerable in hopes of encouraging their own spiritual vulnerability. Faith is best expressed in community and I am quickly learning that each and everyone of us longs and yearns for relationships. Honestly, I wish our Baptist churches would evaluate our understanding of relational theology and what that could mean as a foundation of the church. On Monday night when I first meet my new bible study for the week and they are silent to Saturday morning when I swear several students are almost in tears from leaving their new friends, this is the connection that I (and I use “I” with much hesitance because all credit is given to the Lord) am able to facilitate through the week. I think Bible Study is going well (because it appears that Kids are “getting it” and I have been getting the highest rating on my student’s evaluations). Once again I will say that the staff is amazing and I truly blessed.

Here are a couple of highlights for the week:

First, I got to lead a student to Christ which was amazing.
Second, the Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church crew was here for the week and I got hang out with them.
Third, John Hume gave me the coolest note of encouragment.
Fourth, after watching Sammy interact and preach, I feel like I really have the passion to be a camp pastor someday while in College or Seminary, and several staffers (out of nowhere) have affirmed that a camp pastor is a position that would “fit me.” So we’ll see where that takes me.
Fourth, Luke Adams, a guy I lead to Christ in Glorieta, prayed during the worship service, and as he walked around the auditorium to get to his seat, stopped by and told me “thanks for leading me to Christ two years ago” from which my reply was to tear up and give him a hug.
Fifth, a lady getting upset with me for my assumed endorsement of the DaVinci Code.
That’s all for now.

Oh yeah: Mohler and Patterson discuss Calvinism

and I guess there was some huge shake-ups in at the Southern Baptist Convention which I think is awesome.


1 Response to “update”

  1. 1 Rachel Albers June 23, 2006 at 1:48 am

    hey andrew!!!!

    this is rachel albers from week 2!!! i can’t believe camp is over, i am so sad!!!i miss u so much!!! im going to try to send u a letter evry week!!!i will continue to pray for you!!! (oh by the way im the rachel that prayed with u in the smoothie shop.)

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